Welcome Aboard!

Hello and welcome to the first ever post on the Garrett Johnston Writing website! It’s getting official y’all; that’s right, I bought the domain name and everything.

So… this is my website! My command central if you will.

This website is dedicated to my never ending quest to live my life as a storyteller, and more specifically, a creative writer for young readers. I wanted to create a place for any interested parties to get a glimpse at what i’m up to and follow my creative journey!

Through this platform I plan to post blogs, opinion pieces, book reviews, writing prompts, and personal writing updates to keep kindred spirits updated (and hopefully entertained).

If you’re a fan of literature for young readers, or creative writing in general, or just me in general, please subscribe to get all the sweet updates and consider sharing my work with someone who might enjoy it!

Welcome aboard! And stay tuned for more to come!